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FREE SHIPPING on all orders & we beat most prices! Call 0121 630 1130 or message us on WhatsApp
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Wrekin Water Electric Metered Water Softener 10 / 15 Litre


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Electric Metered Water Softener

Does this look familiar to you? Hard water can cause mineral build up in appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, leading to decreased efficiency and potentially shorter lifespans due to clogs and corrosion.

The minerals in hard water can also leave behind spots and residue on dishes, glassware, and clothing washed in affected appliances.


picture showing the damage of limescale around the house

Only a water softener can eliminate the hard water that causes this

Presenting the Electric Metered Water Softener, an advanced unit blending cutting-edge technology and user-friendly functionality for effective hard water treatment.

Simple Installation & Smart Regeneration

Putting this high-tech softener into operation is straightforward, taking just minutes to get you underway. With a fully metered controlled valve and a user-intuitive digital display, overseeing and regulating your water softening process is uncomplicated. With its metered capability, the system seamlessly adjusts to changing demand levels, automatically modifying the regeneration requirements without the need for manual intervention.  


Smart Design & Accessibility

Tailored for user-friendly operation, the intelligently designed cabinet guarantees convenient access to the salt bin, ensuring a quick and hassle-free refilling experience.

close up of a water softener control panel

Autotrol Valve Technology

Driven by Autotrol Valve technology, this water softener is engineered to provide top-notch reliability and is finely tuned for reduced water and salt consumption compared to traditional softeners, offering a smart and cost-effective operational solution

 Key Features

  • 10L Resin Bed

  • User-Friendly Digital Interface for Metered Control

  • Adapts Automatically to Fluctuations in Demand

  • Optimal Salt and Water usage, regenerating Only as Required

  • Autotrol's tried-and-true valve technology ensures an exceptionally reliable performance.

Installation Kit provides:

For 15mm Incoming Mains

  • Full Bore / 15mm High Flow Valves

  • With pair of H835 Hoses

For 22mm Incoming Mains

  • Full Bore / 22mm High Flow Valves 

  • BRAIDED HF800 Hoses


Click here for the full product information: Installation & Operating Guide

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