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Tapworks NSC09PRO Metered Water Softener with Full Installation Kit +Hoses


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Tapworks NSC09PRO Metered Water Softener with Full Installation Kit +Hoses

Does your house or apartment suffer with Limescale? Is this a familiar sight?


Four images showing the damage limescale can do to household appliances

Over 60% of homes in the UK have hard water, around 16m homes ! Obvious signs, such as frequent equipment failures, noisy boilers, diminished water pressure, clothes losing quality and the accumulation of chalky, crusty deposits, point to the presence of hard water. Only a water softener can eliminate this issue, and it will also clean your pipes of chalky deposits that have built up over time. If left untreated, you may see signs such as reduced water pressure, damage to household appliances, leaking and burst pipes, poor water quality, reduction in your clothes quality, and increased energy costs. Additionally, you will almost certainly face the burden of extra cleaning to remove the unpleasant chalky deposits.


The Tapworks NSC9PRO Water Softener is perfect for smaller spaces and designed for homes with 1-5 people and is ideal for installation beneath the sink. With a backlit LCD display data reading is easy even in dark cupboards underneath the sink.  

Limescale Damage to a Tap Limescale Damage to a Shower Door

The damage caused by limescale can be both frightening and expensive. Why wait for it to happen? A water softener will eliminate limescale and enhance your home.


Smart Water Softener: Efficient, Effective, and User-Friendly


The NSC9PRO is designed for user-friendly installation and does not require specialist work. Tapworks units come equipped with a high-flow, performance-oriented bypass valve and hoses included. Ensuring Tapworks units easy are to assemble and install. Every unit is equipped with a built-in mixer for customisable hardness adjustment and a safety float within the salt cabinet, designed to prevent any unwanted spillages. 

A Water Softener installed under a sink

Intelligent Controller


With its electrical self-diagnosis feature, continuously monitors operational days, total regenerations, and ensures the optimal functionality of the turbine and switches.

  • Suitable for 1-5 people
  • Straightforward installation with easy upkeep
  • Everything you need in one box: bypass and hoses included
  • Comes complete with a mixer to regulate hardness and a safety float within the salt cabinet, effectively eliminating spillages
  • Intelligent controls as standard
  • Suitable for direct and indirect plumbing systems
  • Designed for efficiency - up to 32% cheaper to run than alternative water softeners. All you need to do is occasionally top them up with tablet salt
A Tapworks Water Softener Front View

The salt cabinet maintains dry conditions during typical operation, allowing users to consistently access softened water, even through the initial phase of regeneration, as is standard with Tapworks Softeners.

Tapworks softeners come equipped with advanced electronics as standard and at no additional cost, enabling statistical and programming data even in the event of a blackout.

Tapworks Water Softener Rear View with connections listed

View a comprehensive range of usage data, including hardness, time, remaining exchange capacity, water softened from the previous regeneration, and average water consumption over the last 7 days, all on the backlit LCD display. Tapworks provide this level of controls and access as standard.


What's included?


  • Tapworks NSC09PRO Metered Water Softener
  • Adaptor clips
  • Intel/outlet push-fit hoses (500mm) with 22mm connections
  • Silicone grease
  • Drain and overflow tubing
  • Overflow elbow, Overflow grommet
  • Drain and overflow hose clips
  • Transformer
  • Hard water test kit
  • Spares-adaptor O rings
  • Adaptor elbows - not required when fitting the all-in-one bypass

A home water softener safeguards plumbing systems, boilers, showers, kitchen appliances and much more by eliminating hard water from your home.

See our Water Softeners Explained page for more detail.

A diagram showing how a water softener works with descriptions A PDF logo image

Installation Manual

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World-Leading Manufacturer

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Eliminate limescale

Upgrade your home’s
appearance and maintenance

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Save money

Dramatic enhancements in appliances,
plumbing, laundry, and cleaning

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Warranty Information

7 years warranty

  • 2 year parts and labour warranty
  • 5 years parts warranty only
  • 10 years warranty on resin vessel

Warranty Registration to be done via Tapworks: 

Tapworks Warranty Registration

For further information please visit

Tapworks is the world’s largest manufacturer of domestic water softeners and their technology is relied upon in over 2 million properties.

Total Height 527mm
Total Depth with connectors 532mm
Width 302
Drain Height 465
Overflow Height 245mm
Max Daytime Working Pressure 8.5 bar
Min Daytime Working Pressure 1.3 bar
Inlet/outlet Connections 22mm push-fit
Drain/Overflow Connections 3/8" Hose Spigot
Electrical Supply Via Transformer 24B 50HZ
Salt Storage Capacity 24kg
Water Regulations WRAS Approved
Maximum Softened Water Capacity at 300ppm 1635 Litres

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