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FREE SHIPPING on all orders & we beat most prices! Call 0121 630 1130 or message us on WhatsApp
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Tapworks Smart 9 Water Softener with Wi-Fi


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Tapworks WiFi
Water Softeners

Does your house 
suffer with Limescale?

Is this a familiar sight?


Four pictures of household damage from hard water and limescale


Tired of the never-ending cycle of monitoring salt levels in your water softener? Break free from the routine with Tapworks range of smart electronic water softener


All of the EcoWater's water softeners and filters connect via their app. 

A new era of water softening, Ecowaters state-of-the-art  softener is powered by smart software, that automatically adjusts to your personal water consumption. The refiner is monitored and will send alerts regarding, low salt, water usage and system errors.


Once your unit is set up, your unit only requires attention when you receive alerts through the app. There is even a built-in light which illuminates the salt tank when the lid is opened.

Industry-leading technology made exclusively from corrosion-free materials helps prevent wear and tear.


A man showering in softened water

Soft water isn't just a treat—it's a beauty revelation. Experience the relief of reduced eczema flare-ups, the joy of hydrated skin, and the perfect pH balance for your hair.

Once you've embraced soft water, there really is no turning back. 


A woman cleaning kitchen surfaces easily with softened water

Enjoy the convenience of a cleaner home with soft water, as it contains fewer abrasive minerals, reducing the reliance on sprays and chemicals. Say your goodbyes to streaky windows and usher in a new era of effortlessly sparkling worktops with minimal effort.


A simple and secure online dashboard

✔ Remote support

✔ Customised alert management

✔ Remote management


Say goodbye to the constant hassle of checking your salt levels. Ecowaters cutting-edge technology allows you to effortlessly manage your water softener with your smartphone, and receive custom alerts on your salt level, water usage and more.


Picture of a water softener app

Need support? Forget about the hassle of waiting on hold for customer support – those days are over. EcoWater experts stands ready to assist you with any concerns or issues you may encounter with your electronic water softener. All done through the app.


How A Water Softener
Transforms Your Water


a graphic and description showing how a water softener works A description of how a water softener works

A home water softener safeguards plumbing systems, boilers, showers, kitchen appliances and much more by eliminating hard water from your home.

See our Water Softeners Explained page for more detail.


Simple to use, monitors performance and sends live alerts 

Tank withstands deterioration, rust, bursting, or corrosion

Security bolstered with double safety shut off valve

Warranty - 5 years parts and labour

Designed for houses / apartments
with 1-4 people


A PDF logo

Product Information


Technical Specification

Dimensions (mm)

Total Height 548
Height to Bypass 410
Width 318
Depth 372

Recommended softening capacity at 300ppm: 1-4
Min/max daytime working pressure (bar) 1.3 - 8.5
Electrical supply 24V / 50Hz
Service flow rate (l/min) 15.1



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