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FREE SHIPPING on all orders & we beat most prices! Call 0121 630 1130 or message us on WhatsApp
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Osmio Zero 2.0 Reverse Osmosis System White

by Osmio

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Osmio Zero 2.0
Reverse Osmosis System 


Simplify your hydration routine with the Osmio smart Reverse Osmosis filtration system and kettle combination. Pure water is one pour away, no installation fuss or complicated maintenance required.

  • For Homes or Offices 

Ideal for single people, students, small families or offices, or people who regularly travel. It is also ideal for renters who maybe cannot have a RO system installed on tap.

Simply plug into a power source and take it anywhere. So compact, you'll forget it's there until you need it.

Pure ambient, warm, hot and boiling water all effortlessly available for everyday living.


A white countertop dispenser on a kitchen top surface



No installation necessary. Basically, plug in and use

The most hygienic Reverse Osmosis system because it is not connected to a smell drain.

Failsafe mechanism built in to never pour unfiltered water.

Instantly know when filtration is done with the color-coded LED

Few seconds filter replacement

✔ Warranty: 3-year free repair 


A graphic explaining how the benefits of a countertop dispenser

  • Dispensing Temperatures

The system can provide the following osmotic level water with organic calcium and magnesium active ceramic:

Normal temperature water:
Approx. 25°C ideal for direct drinking

Warm water:
40°C - 50°C ideal for lukewarm water

Hot water:
80°C - 88°C ideal for coffee

Near boiling water:
90°C- 98°C ideal for tea 

Please note - the system reaches 100° but then travels to the dispenser and loses a few degrees

A graphic explaining four features of a countertop dispenser

For guidance only.


  • 5:1 Low Drain Ratio

With an exceptionally low drain ratio, this system produces a mere one litre of waste water for every for every five litres of fresh water dispensed.


A White countertop dispenser front view
  • Seconds filter replacement

The filters are designed for easy replacement. allowing you to do it yourself without any hassle in a few seconds. It's a straight forward twist-on, twist-off function


The rear view of a countertop dispenser showing two filters installed

Filter Replacement VIDEO


Used widely across Europe: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain.


A map of Europe in blue and black


Full product details click here:
Installation and User Guide 


Check out this full YouTube review: VIDEO

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