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Osmio Azzurra Breve 3-Way Tri-flow Kitchen Tap Spray Hose

by Osmio

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Osmio Azzurra Breve 3-Way Tri-flow Kitchen Tap Spray Hose

Searching for an all-purpose, elegant tap?
The Osmio Azzurra Breve is exactly that

Upgrade your kitchen with the Osmio Azzurra Breve, a superior 3-Way Tri-flow Mixer Tap that includes a built-in Spray Hose.

This 3-in-1 kitchen mixer tap offers the perfect blend of a stylish design and a practical solution.

Stylish, Functional, and Luxurious

A Triflow three way tap installed on a kitchen surface by two sink

The Osmio Azzurra Breve is an excellent choice for luxurious home or workplace kitchens, with separate water paths that ensure filtered water remains pure.

Filtered water flows from the horizontal spout, which offers a smooth swivel action to the desired position

Featuring a very heavy brass construction and a gleaming, durable chrome finish, the Osmio Azzurra Breve 3-Way Tri-flow stands out for its exceptional build quality. 

Safety and Convenience

A triflow tap offers unparalleled convenience by providing instant access to hot, cold, and filtered water all from a single fixture. This not only streamlines kitchen tasks but also promotes sustainability by reducing the need for bottled water and offers the assurance of clean, filtered water for drinking and cooking purposes.

·        Independent water pathways ensures filtered water stays isolated from the hot and cold streams

·        Swan neck spout with dual controls for mixed water only

·        Quarter turn ceramic valve for filtered

·        Ceramic cartridge for mixed water

·        Effortlessly dispense filtered water with the horizontal spout design

·        Complete with flexible hoses and NRV's

·        Built-in flexibility between spout and base prevents seizing and ensures long-term smooth operation.

A three way triflow filter tap front view

See the Osmio Azzura Breve in operation with this short YouTube video: How The Tap Works

How the Tap Handles Work

The diagram below explains the operation of the tap handles.

The right-hand lever extends outward, moving forward for hot water, backward for cold, and anywhere in between for a blend of both. By moving the left-hand lever toward you, you can access filtered water.

A close up of a three way triflow tap levers explaining how they work

Alternatively, if you have a water softener, this lever can dispense unsoftened hard water for drinking, with the option to filter it or not.


The Osmio Azzurra Breve stands at 475mm which is 90mm shorter than the Osmio Azzura which stands at 565mm. Ideal for smaller sinks or compact spaces where a longer tap might be impractical.

A triflow tap diagram with dimensions included

What's included?

  • Osmio Azzurra Breve 3-Way Tri-flow Kitchen Tap Spray Hose.
  • Weight 5kg. Height 475mm. Reach 275mm.
  • Tap Base Hole Size 35mm
  • Flexible hoses 1/2" male
  • Fixing accessories
A glass of water graphic


No need for a Separate Tap.
No Extra Sink Holes Required

A drawing of a tap in a sink with sparkles around


Radiates a Sleek,
Modern Elegance

A graphic of the world globe

Long Established

Established Brand in the UK,
Europe USA and Canada

A van drawing emphasising speed

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Warranty Information

  • 3-year warranty that covers valves and O-rings


Tap Surface Finish

One-year warranty covers the finish of the tap, as some cleaning products may harm its surface. To maintain its appearance, we recommend following the provided cleaning instructions:


Cleaning Instructions

1.    To keep the tap surface in pristine condition, it's best to clean it with warm, soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and then dry with a soft cloth.

2.   Please refrain from using any cleaning products on the tap as they can damage the finish.

3.   By cleaning regularly, you can stop lime-scale from accumulating.

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