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Osmio Zero 2.0 Reverse Osmosis System White

by Osmio

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Osmio Zero 2.0 Reverse Osmosis System White

How Can the Osmio RO System Simplify Your Hydration Routine?

Ideal for households or workplaces with less than 4 people, students, or people who regularly travel. It is also ideal for renters who maybe cannot have a RO system installed on tap.

Simply plug into a power source and take it anywhere. So compact, you'll forget it's there until you need it.

Pure ambient, warm, hot and boiling water all effortlessly available for everyday living.

Effortless and Pure: Your Perfect Water Solution

✔ No installation necessary. Basically, plug in and use

✔ The most hygienic Reverse Osmosis system, designed to avoid contamination by not connecting to a drain.

✔ Built-in failsafe mechanism ensures only filtered water is poured.

✔ Instantly know when filtration is done with the color-coded LED

✔ Few seconds filter replacement

✔ Warranty: 3-year free repair 

a countertop dispenser and information about why it should be purchased
A picture of a reverse osmosis system with a list of benefits

Easy Functionality and Simple to Install

Dispensing Temperatures

The system can provide the following osmotic level water with organic calcium and magnesium active ceramic:

Normal temperature water:

Approx. 25°C ideal for direct drinking

Warm water:

40°C - 50°C ideal for lukewarm water

Hot water:

80°C - 88°C ideal for coffee

Near boiling water:

90°C- 98°C ideal for tea 

Please note - the system reaches 100° but then travels to the dispenser and loses a few degrees

A countertop dispenser showing dispensing temperatures

Outstanding Filtration with Reverse Osmosis

Sediment Filter 5μm: reduces coarse particles, e.g. Sand, rust, chlorine, lime

Composite carbon filter reduces chlorine and organic impurities

Membrane 50GPD: reduces approximately 92-95% of total dissolved solids and other pollutant

Insertion Filter: A hygiene post-filter that is antibacterial, removes 99% of bacteria and viruses, and enhances taste

5:1 Low Drain Ratio

With an exceptionally low drain ratio, this system produces a mere one litre of wastewater for every five litres of fresh water dispensed. This efficiency not only conserves water but also reduces your environmental footprint, making it an eco-friendly choice for your home or office. The advanced filtration technology ensures maximum water utilisation, providing you with clean, pure water while minimising waste. This sustainable approach helps save on water bills and supports global water conservation efforts.

A white countertop dispenser front view

Used Widely Across Europe:

Embraced widely across Europe, this innovative system is a favourite in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain

A map of Europe with white lights

Seconds Filter Replacement

The filters are designed for easy replacement, allowing you to do it yourself without any hassle in just a few seconds. With a straightforward twist-on, twist-off function, there's no need for special tools or professional assistance.

The simplicity of the replacement process means that anyone can handle it, making it perfect for busy households or offices. Say goodbye to complicated maintenance routines and hello to effortless filter changes with this innovative system.

Watch a step by step guide on how to replace the filters: Filter Replacement VIDEO

Filter Life

The quality of incoming water directly impacts filter life. Hardness is the main concern, but additional contaminants can also cause premature clogging. If your water hardness is around 200+ Calcium Carbonate, you'll probably need to replace the Composite Carbon Block and Membrane filters midway through their expected lifespan.

The unit is engineered to automatically shut off in the event of a blockage in the membrane or prefilters. When the system recirculates rejected water, the TDS level in the water fed into the membrane filter rises continuously. Consequently, households with higher TDS levels in their water may find it necessary to replace composite carbon block and membrane filters more often

The back of a countertop dispenser with two filters
A vector of a glass of water

4 Dispensing Options

25° 65° 85° 100°

a vector of a water filtration graphic

Deep Filtration

Experience Beautiful Purified
Water with Reverse Osmosis Filtration.

a vector of a house and offices

Dual-Purpose Solution

Suitable for both
Homes and Offices

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Warranty Information

  • 3-year free repair warranty with optional 5 year warranty
  • Please note: There is potential for the Osmio Zero to drip and for there to be a small amount of water underneath the system. This can be worse if the supply tank is allowed to get very dirty and with limescale buildup. So if you have a wooden, untreated worktop, it is recommended to put the system on a tray to avoid damaging the worktop. If you have a laminate or granite worktop this would of course not be a significant problem.

Full Specification

Weight 7.1kg
Height 388mm
Width 183mm
Length 405mm
Supply Pitcher 5 Litres
Pure Water Tank 1.5 Litres
Electrical Properties:
Rated Voltage 220-240V
Rated Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Power 2200W-2600W
Heating System:
Rated Heating Power 2180W-2580W
Hot Water Capacity 30 1/h (≥ 90°C)

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