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Lightbest UV12 (45 LPM) UV Steriliser System 55w

by Osmio

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Lightbest UV12 (45 LPM) UV Steriliser System 55w

Efficient Water Contaminant Removal

The Lightbest UV system offers an affordable and high-performance solution for eliminating bacteria, coliform, E. coli, and other microbiological contaminants from your water supply

The system is typically placed at the point of entry or after storage tanks and is most commonly found in private water supplies. It is also effective for mains water-fed domestic applications, offering extra protection against E. coli, coliform bacteria, and other harmful viruses and bacteria.

A UV Steriliser System

This system supports flow rates as high as 45 litres per minute (12 US gallons per minute), featuring 3/4" inlet and outlet ports and a 55-watt power usage. Included is a convenient lamp failure indicator with both an LED light and an alarm, ensuring you know exactly when the UV lamp needs replacement. The UV lamp lasts between 9,000 and 10,000 hours.

The system is fully equipped with all parts and bulbs, so you can install it right away. We strongly recommend installing a pre-sediment filter system to ensure the water entering the UV system is free of suspended solids and sediments, which could otherwise prevent the UV light from fully sterilizing all microorganisms. The sediment pre-filter should be installed immediately before this unit. Depending on the sediment levels in your water, you may need a single, double, or even triple filter unit.

Max. Operataion Pressure: 6 Bar
Test Pressure: 10Bar
Visual lamp failure alarm: Available
UV lamp working indicator: Available
UV chamber/housing material: SUS304
Power supply: 230V 50/6Hz
Connections 3/4" Male thread
Pipe Size 3/4"
Lamp Wattage 55w
Lamp Voltage 165v
Dimensions 63.5 mm x 965 mm

Warranty Information

• Stainless steel reactor chamber – 5 years

• Electronics and ballast – 1 years prorated

• UV lamp, quartz sleeve - 1 year if voltage control is in place

Full information in the installation guide

Full Installation Guide

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