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FREE SHIPPING on all orders & we beat most prices! Call 0121 630 1130 or message us on WhatsApp
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Waterdrop Filter K19 Instant Hot Water Reverse Osmosis System


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Waterdrop Filter K19 Instant Hot Water Reverse Osmosis System

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  • Are you looking to enhance the quality of your water?

  • Do you desire a system that is plug & play, easy to use and simple maintenance?

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Discover the ultimate in convenience with the K19-H Reverse Osmosis instant hot or cold water dispenser, seamlessly combining water purification and instant water.

Enjoy the purity of reverse osmosis filtration along with a range of four temperature options.


  • 4 Stage filtration process

The 4-in-1 filter of the RO instant hot and water dispenser is built with an RO reverse Osmosis membrane, a carbon block and PP cotton, and can effectively reduce the below through a fine filtration layer by layer to achieve deep purification, ensuring every drop is purified water:

  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS),

  • Chromium

  • Per and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS) Linked to Kidney and Liver damage along with Cancer

  • Fluoride

  • Arsenic

  • Salt

  • Heavy Metals

  • Nitrate

  • Particles

  • Chloride

  • And other harmful substances 

Graphic of 4 stage water filtration and an explanation of each process


  • Instant Setup:
    No Installation Required

The K19 system is installation-free. With just a socket required, from the bedroom to your office. Enjoy the perks of purified water without the hassle of drilling with the countertop water filter system.


Click here to watch a short video on set up:
Waterdrop K19 Installation and User Guide

  • 1-Second Dispensing Time

With its state-of-the-art heating technology, the K19-H RO hot water dispenser provides instant hot water, with a mere 1-second dispensing time. Thanks to its remarkable filtration capability, the hot water dispenser eliminates limescale, and its instant hot design prevents the need for water re-boiling.

picture of a countertop dispenser with key features


  • 3:1 Low Drain Ratio 

With an impressive 3:1 drain ratio and innovative drain water recycling technology, the K19-H countertop water filter system not only saves water, but its filter can also last up to a year.

A front right view of a countertop dispenser pouring water
  • Intelligent Screen Display

State of the art, intelligent screen display, offering not just a visually engaging interface but also delivering real-time updates, ensuring you stay connected and informed effortlessly.



  • 3-Sec Easy Filter Replacement

The filters are designed for easy replacement, allowing you to do it yourself without any hassle. Keep your water clean and fresh with minimal effort.

    • One year manufacturer's warranty

    picture showing how easy it is to change a filter in a countertop dispenser

    Here is a quick 20 second overview video:
    Waterdrop K19 Reverse Osmosis System 

    A PDF download logo
    Instruction Manual

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