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Hommix neRO 3-in-1 Grey Countertop Dispenser Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

by Hommix

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Hommix neRO 3-in-1
Grey Countertop Reverse Osmosis
Water Filtration Syst

Elevate the purity of your drinking water with Hommix neRO. Carefully crafted, this innovation integrates a 4-stage purification process using Reverse Osmosis, offering you consistently pure drinking water, all year long.

Designed to meet your daily hydration needs both at home and work.

front view of a countertop dispenser


Instantly dispense healthy ambient, boiled, and chilled water with a simple press of a button.



Perfect for homes and offices.


  • Multiple choices offer ambient, chilled, and hot water

  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane capable of delivering 80GPD for excellent daily water output.

  • Auto Dispense 500ml at the the touch of a button

  • Auto cleaning system places paramount importance on water purity

  • Simple to operate with low maintenance


Simple setup,
usage and maintenance

Simply connect the device to your main water supply and this Reverse Osmosis countertop is ready to go. 




Exceptional Purification Levels



With its 80 GPD Membrane, it effortlessly produces 300 Litres of filtered water daily. Automatic replenishment kicks in with every dispensed drop, maintaining a seamless flow of fresh water.


Stage 1 + 2: AT Pre-Carbon Filter

High-temperature compression played a crucial role in shaping the carbon block filter. The first stage efficiently deals with suspended solids and rust debris, ensuring minimal flow reduction from turbidity materials.

In addition to removing Chlorine, it specifically targets trihalomethane and organic chemicals in the second stage, contributing to the membrane filter's protection.

Countertop dispenser reverse osmosis system dispensing stats

Stage 3: AT Membrane Filter

This filtration system utilises a semi-permeable membrane (pore size: 0.0001㎛, 1/1,000,000 of hair) for reverse osmosis filtration, successfully eliminating dissolved pollutants, including heavy metals and organic contaminants. The discharged pollutants exit through a designated brine tube.

With remarkable effectiveness, this filter efficiently removes detrimental ionic substances like:


  • Aluminium
  • Arsenic
  • Fluoride
  • Green Algae
  • Heavy Metals
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Radioactive Elements


Stage 4: AT Post-Carbon Filter

Completing the filtration process, this filter removes dissolved gases and odours to improve water taste and raise the pH level. Furthermore, this filter includes CORAL SAND, a natural organic mineral, to deliver calcium supplements.


Countertop RO ACS

State-of-the-Art Auto Cleaning


 Rest assured, the worries about bacterial contamination chapter is closed, with the ACS (Auto Cleaning System) technology. 

The Hommix nerRO ingenious setup automatically empties and sterilises ambient and cold-water tanks every 4 days, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of pristine water.



close of of countertop dispenser with continuous dispensing feature 




29cm Width x 50cm Depth x 48cm Height


Set up Diagram


Countertop dispenser reverse osmosis system connection diagram
Full instructions provided

Full specification


Countertop dispenser specifications

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