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Frizzlife WB99-H Countertop Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System with Portable Pitcher


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Frizzlife WB99-H Countertop Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System with Portable Pitcher


Do You Want Instant Access to Pure, Filtered Water with No Installation Required?

Perfect for people seeking easy access to water at different temperatures, this dispenser is an excellent choice. Certified to NSF 372 standards for lead-free materials and BPA-free, it ensures you have healthy water always on hand.

Modern and Convenient

  • Zero installation and portable
  • 99.99% filtration
  • 0.0001 Micron RO + LED Filtration & Alkaline
  • Instant Heating, Multiple Temp & Dispensing Volume Options
  • Real-Time TDS, Filter Longevity, and Water Quality data
  • Portable RO Water Pitcher
  • Water Quality Indicator
  • Reduced Wastewater Ratio
  • Large Tank with Easy Fill and Cleaning
  • Suitable for home, office, caravans, mobile homes, camping,

Filter Out Over 1000+ Harmful Contaminants

With its blend of carbon fiber, a 100 Gallon RO membrane, alkaline particles, and LED purification technology, the Frizzlife WB99-H countertop reverse osmosis system can eliminate over 1000 harmful contaminants with 99.99% effectiveness. Including:

  • Arsenic
  • Chloramine
  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Lead
  • Limescale
  • Heavy Metals
  • TDS
  • VOCs and much more
A graphic showing what contaminants are reduced using Frizzlife Countertop

Instant Setup: No Installation Required

No installation, basically plug in and use. Just plug it in, fill the container, and enjoy the magic as your journey to pure water begins right away.

Built for your convenience, the WB99-H reverse osmosis water filter is fully assembled and installation-free. Simply plug it in and fill the water tank; the system will automatically begin producing RO water immediately

A graphic explaining how easy it is to install this countertop dispenser

Instant Hot Water with a Variety of Temperature and Dispensing Options

The WB99-H RO filter system offers quick access to hot water, along with room temperature options. Adjust the temperature to your liking, ranging from 45°C to 100°C, simply by tapping the "+" and "-" icons on the screen.

Enjoy the finest taste sensations with the ability to brew a diverse range of beverages, including hot tea, coffee, baby formula, and beyond, for an exceptional brewing experience. It also provides flexibility with dispensing choices, offering options such as 120ml, 250ml, 500ml, and continuous dispensing.

A picture showing dispensing and temperature options for a countertop dispenser

Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Pitcher

Wherever life takes you, the portable filtered water pitcher ensures you have access to pure water. Chill out with ice-cold water by refrigerating the pitcher for a cool and refreshing drink. Thanks to its compact size (9"L x 16.5"W x 14.8"H), this unit is suitable for multiple settings including living rooms, offices, bedrooms, mobile homes, caravans, camping and more.

Bring a touch of sophistication to your home decor with this tastefully designed piece.

A water pitcher with capacity details listed

Monitor TDS, Filter Life, and Water Quality in Real-Time

The smart touch panel is sensitive and easy to operate. Keep track of water quality with up-to-the-minute TDS results displayed after every water dispense. In addition, this RO water filter system boasts intelligent filter life monitoring and provides early warning reminders to replace filter cartridges in advance.

In addition, if the filtered water exceeds 24 hours in the pitcher, the water quality indicator will change to red, indicating a decline in water freshness.

This design takes the guesswork out of the equation

two pictures showing the status of water quality for a countertop dispenser

3 Second Filter Replacement

Easily replace filters with the twist-in design, no tools needed, and it takes just a few seconds. Changing the FCR RO membrane filter is as easy as a simple twist. For the SC post alkaline carbon filter replacement, just pull out the old filter and push in the new one – it's that straightforward. The RO membrane can last for 12 months depending on your water quality.

The system comes with full set of filter cartridges. For replacement filters, please search “Frizzlife FCR100+ Filter” and “Frizzlife SC90 Filter”. 

images showing how to refill a portable countertop dispenser pitcher

Nimble and Mobile

With its lightweight and efficient plastic exterior, it's a breeze to move and position anywhere in your living area. what’s more, its compact design means it won't hog your countertop space. Ideal for renters who cannot modify kitchen surfaces

A Black Countertop Dispenser pouring water into a cup

What's Included?

  • Frizzlife Countertop WB99-H ×1
  • Portable Pitcher x1
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cartridge x1 
  • Post Filter Cartridge ×1
  • Feed Tank x1
  • Drip Tray x1
  • Instruction Manual ×1
A vector of a glass of water

Simple Dispensing

Precise, Preset Volumes of
120ml, 250ml, or 500ml

a vector of a water droplet

Deep Filtration

Removes 1,000+ Impurities with
over 99.99% Pure Water

A vector of spanner and screwdriver with an exclamation mark showing no installation required

No Installation Required

Portable and Ready to Use,
Anywhere, Anytime.

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Fast, Free Delivery

Quickly Dispatched With
No Hidden Charges

Warranty Information

  • 18 Months (extended warranty available)

Available here today with fast, free delivery

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