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FREE SHIPPING on all orders & we beat most prices! Call 0121 630 1130 or message us on WhatsApp
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RG Italia Osmy Plus Inox - The Ultimate Reverse Osmosis System for Commercial or High Domestic Use


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The innovative equipment with an integrated revers osmosis system...

The Osmy Plus Inox is a high tech kit designed and manufactured to produce water with a very low salt content and specifically made for supplying water to glass washed and HoReCa application in restaurants, hotels and community settings.


The Osmy Plus Inox can be connected directly to the dishwasher without requiring pre-softening. It replaces traditional water softeners that only eliminates magnesium and calcium salts from water, often leaving bothersome marks due to the deposits of remaining salts. It has a small, compact design and can be easily placed conveniently under the worktop.


The Osmy Plus Inox is reliable: the display on the front of the unit means the operator can instantly display the main operating information; pre-filter replacement and programming. 


From a simple washing and rinsing routine to providing constant and continuous water adequate for the requirements to produce and reproduce diagnostic tests accurately. 


Light water, low in salt but having the right amount to obtain one of the best leavening. 

Dentists & Beauticians

Water Pro provides water directly at the dosing points of small autoclaves for washing and sterilising instruments. 

What's Supplied?

In the box you will find the system itself of course, connecting pipes, discharge bracket, safety clip, pre-filter, key, booklet, UK power cable. 

Technical Data

Pump: 400 LT/H con BY PASS


Prefilter: Bayonet cartridge capacity 15000 liters

Membrane: 2 membranes 300 GDP

Operating pressure: 10/11 BAR

Power supply: 220-230 50 HZ

Absorption: 185 Watts

Production: 150 LT/H A 25° NOMINAL

Size: H 465 x P 440 x L 130

Weight: 16kg

H2O Entrance: 3/4" mm

H2O Permeate: 3/4" mm

H2O concentrated: Ø 6 mm


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